Friday, September 26, 2008

Monarch Beverage Comes to Lawrence

I just attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Monarch Beverage Company and am . . . like everyone else here in Lawrence . . . thrilled. This company has made a commitment to bring in 600 high paying, full benefit jobs to an area that is already redeveloping in conjunction with INDOT's work to develop Pendleton Pike into a beautiful 9 lane road. Monarch is building their 547,000 square foot facility on the 93 acres at where the old drive-in theater sat. [For the history of this theater, see Mayor Paul Ricketts who can give a wonderful history lesson on all things Lawrence.]

The FHRA is very excited about Monarch's investment in our community because it means more opportunity for the success of Lawrence Village at the Fort. Over 600 employees are going to need some place to eat, shop, and visit and this location is within a stone's throw from the Fort. (Of course, you'd have to have a pretty strong arm to do it, but trust me, it's close . . . at least within an easy 2-5 minute drive depending on the train schedule.) Lawrence is a great place to live because of our excellent schools and affordable housing so I can definitely see a growing need for more residential opportunities here at the Village as well.

Thanks to Monarch for selecting Lawrence and to Mayor Ricketts and his team for working diligently to bring them here!

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