Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Village Art Committee

We've have one meeting already with a team of extremely talented individuals who share in common the fact that they have strong ties here in the community surrounding Fort Benjamin Harrison. The goal of the committee is to determine the future artistic direction for the Village, whether it's in public art displays, community art festivals, or functional art (park benches, trash receptables, etc.) We've told the committee that the sky's the limit -- I mean, how can we even think about putting a ceiling to artistic endeavor?

Judy Byron, local artist and architectural illustrator will chair the committee, which will meet monthly. Others on the committee include: Ed Watson, Midwest Model Makers; Mark & Shelley Rice, The Studio; Leo Miller, Vision Ventures; Greg Beyerl, Sign Craft; Sandi Groth, Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce; Kevin Foster, Schneider Corporation; John Wolski, Ski Landscape; Randy Royer, Browning Day Mullins & Dierdorf; and Mayor Paul Ricketts.

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