Monday, October 11, 2010

Fort Benjamin Harrison: Around the Village . . .

It is an absolutely gorgeous fall day with a temperature high of 88 degrees ... the kind of day you want to play hooky and hang out at a park or on a lake. As I was driving through Lawrence Village at the Fort today, I noticed several people who had chosen to do just that ... only here at Fort Benjamin Harrison.

Going west on Otis, I saw a father and his son who was riding a tricycle around the quarter mile asphalt path that encircles the pond. When I looked over, the child was just getting off his trike to point at the swimming geese. In the next two days, Gibraltar Construction will begin building the new overlook deck structure at the pond, which will provide yet another place for walkers, runners, and tricyclers to rest and relax.

At least 3 walkers and 1 runner were enjoying the sidewalks and bike lanes, and two cars were parked beneath shade trees in the [new] parallel parking lanes. The owners of these cars were taking a moment to eat lunch and read.

Turning the corner, I saw The Pumpkin Patch in full swing at the center of the Village. The farmer who is selling the pumpkins, gourds, squash, corn stalks and straw bales here told me last week that this is such an ideal location that he plans to relocate his farmer's market here next year.

I drove west on Hawkins toward the Ravine Park and saw Ski Landscape digging up the grasses which are located in the center between Hawkins and Merritt Streets. These grasses will be transplanted near the pond to make way for the new art installation by the Herron School of Art later this month. Herron's contractor will begin pouring the foundations this week.

With all of the dry weather we've had, Poindexter Excavating is making good time on the Hawkins Road Extension project having finished all underground sewers and water lines and now beginning to grade the new road and stake out the curbs. They hope to have curbs poured and the first layer of asphalt installed by the end of October. This project is expected to finish in April 2011.

Just north of this road I saw Ivy Tech students parking their cars and walking to class, again on the new sidewalks we created earlier this year. The walk isn't a long one and the parking is convenient. Wouldn't it be cool to have a sidewalk cafe or outdoor pub along the way?

For me, it is awesome to watch all of this activity in an area that's not really that big. It shows that the community is appreciative of the work that's been done to date, is already here and waiting for more!

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