Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lawrence Village at the Fort Artwork Installed

The Fort Harrison Reuse Authority worked with the Herron School of Art on two art sculptures that are now installed at Lawrence Village at the Fort. In early 2010, a committee comprised of civic leaders who by their own rights are artists in their respective fields, reviewed proposals provided by several Herron students vying for a shot at being selected for an installation at Ravine Park at Lawrence Village at the Fort. All concepts were well-received; in fact, the committee had a hard time choosing which one.

In the end, artist Jared Cru Smith's concept entitled "Advance Epoch" was selected for its relevance to the physical area and its meaning for the Village. "Advance Epoch's" three forms of concrete, resin, stell and urethane represent the past, present and future strength of Fort Benjamin Harrison and the community who has continued to make Fort Benjamin Harrison what it is today. You can see this sculpture at the intersection between Merritt and Hawkins Roads.

Going in, the committee's job was to select one artist's design for Ravine Park. However, there was another concept we simply couldn't pass up because of its insightfulness and meaning. With her installation titled "Threshold", artist Cydney Campbell designed three doors made of wood, steel, glass, bronze, and aluminum. She writes: "Fort Benjamin Harrison once functioned as the point of induction or release from the military. While these are enormously life-changing actions that most individuals do not face, there are still everday battles each person must surpass that make them who they are. "Threshold" represents the point at which people decide for themselves what path they will take." You can see "Threshold" in key locations surrounding the pond on Otis Avenue near Lee Road.

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